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Here are SAMPLES of our MockSidesPLUS scripts on Video by our Student Ensemble!

MockSidesPlus gives you permission to shoot any of our scenes for your demo reel.
Great material! Smart writing!


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“I just wanted to say how much your scripts helped me shine from the group. The casting directors were so happy to see fresh performances instead of the boring old TV scripts that they see time and time again.”
Benn Allsop, Actor, Australia


“We’ve heard great things about {MockSides}, and are so happy to add them to our library of great resources for actors!”
The Actors Key, Casting Director Workshops


“We use Mock sides every day! I love this website. The writing is perfect! Every actor should be checking out this website.”
Michael Valentino, TCD Studios

Mocksidesplus, scenes, auditions, acting classes, casting directors, demo reels
Do you have what it takes to be the best actor you can be?
If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions, you owe it to yourself to invest in what it takes to be the BEST ACTOR you can be…study and fun practice will help!
Mocksidesplus, scenes, auditions, acting classes, casting directors, demo reels
Are you ready to take your acting to another level? Have you exercised your “acting muscles” with study and practice using unique scenes and situations you can make your own? (not scenes from famous scripts that you have to compete with?)

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DVD CoverNewSMALL“At $20 I find this the cheapest and most effective tool I’ve added to my film and tv arsenal in a long time.” – Lincoln Hoppe

This technique works! It takes me less than a half hour to memorize a 3 page scene with amazing recall. You not only memorize your lines, you unconsciously extract the truth of what you are working on.”
– Kevin Gruber


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Mocksidesplus, scenes, auditions, acting classes, casting directors, demo reels Mocksidesplus, scenes, auditions, acting classes, casting directors, demo reelsMocksidesplus, scenes, auditions, acting classes, casting directors, demo reels
All Scenes, Teen Scenes, & Monologues, Ensemble Videos, and Video Submissions from our MockSides Fans!

 Featured Videos from our MockSides Fans!


See What Our Fans Have to Say About Memorizing Lines FAST with S.M.T!

“I LOVE S.M.T! …it has been the missing link for me in my memorization, really! I just did my first script using SMT exercises after really understanding the video instructions …it was amazing! …it’s been something I have needed to get over a few humps in my craft …can’t wait to use it for future scripts and for my speaker scripts, too. I’ll keep you posted on the journey! Thanks guys-” ~ Kayla Bergholz, Actress

“…Never seen anything like it. I thought I was unteachable, and even just watching I learned things. Highly recommended!! For ALL levels…!” ~ Bill LeVasseur,

“Primarily, their SMT technique, which helps actors breakdown a scene and learn their lines quickly so that in the fast-paced film world you can be on top of your game when it comes to being a rock star on camera! It really is something amazing.” ~Grant Langdon, Actor

“Astonishing — we’re getting a script at the beginning of class and 45 minutes later we can do it, with choices made and context understood.” ~ Nelson Goforth, Actor, Filmmaker

“It’s TRUE! I did the homework (scene study and SMT) and it worked like a charm! When I got into the audition and was busy listening to directions, I didn’t have time to worry about the words or my character. When action was called I slipped right into my choices and delivered without thinking. Studying with Dave and Chad has taught me how to read through sides once and come out making good decisions about the role and how to serve the story.” ~ Tannia Kustka, Actor, Producer

Great website! And I learned SMT on the set. It really works. ~Hollis Jef Pirkey, Actor


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“I just want to thank you both so much for offering this amazing resource, I’ve already used one of your scenes for a masterclass in London, a friend has used one for a class in LA and I’m about to embark on a third – THANK YOU!”
– Lucy Russell, Actress, London

“Hello Mocksides! I am a drama teacher in the SUNNY SOUTH AFRICA… to look for dialogues, scenes, etc, is always a nightmare…. I AM SO MUCH IN DEPT TO YOU GUYS!” – Johan Swannie Swanevelder


We’re pleased to offer up OVER 500 original acting scripts with our new MockSidesPlus TM, where every workshop scene now comes with a W.I.G., (Writers Insider’s Guide) a single page written by the authors that helps the actor to better understand the scene.These scripts for actors are for educational and demo purposes only, however, we now offer them to every actor for use in their acting classes, actors demo reels, and for individual audition practice.We believe we have some of the best scenes for 1 man 1 woman, 2 women scenes, 2 men scenes, 3 person scenes and scenes for young actors. Some comedic scenes, some dramatic scenes, and all written in screenplay format.Most of our scenes are for two actors, but we also have scenes for three actors and more.At MockSidesPlus TM, we’ve added original monologues for kids, teens and adults.Acting coaches can take advantage of the wide range of categories of these online acting scripts and educational videos for use in their acting classes.We still offer FREE original scenes for workshop actors, which you can access (Click here now for MockSides), but we have reduced the number of available acting scripts.

What Are Mocksides?

Mock Sides is a term we invented to describe custom written scenes that appear as if they had come from actual TV shows and Films.The scripts serve a particular purpose in actor training and are intended to challenge the actor to make educated guesses as to what the whole story may be about.Our scenes don’t have page numbers so you can guess as to where it would in the timeline of the story.We give minimal character description and very little “beat” indicators; this is to allow the actors to make their own decisions regarding their character’s history, relationship and subtext. Most of our scripts have no lead-ins from previous scenes or “cuts to” the next scene; we leave that up to the actors to imagine and discuss.Each week, we custom write these scenes for the actors enrolled in various levels of acting classes at MockSides Studios, that is why some sides are simpler than others.We offer our Mock Sides to you in hopes we can help you to develop and expand upon your acting skills.

We LOVE Peter!

Peter DeAnello Script writer for kids and teens. Click now to order!Special thanks to our friend and contributor, Peter DeAnello for contributing to our Kids & Teens Monologues.

Peter is a professional screenwriter and author of "The Monologue: From Mystery to Mastery"
His awesome book contains 50 monologues and shows you how YOU can write your own monologue!
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